It Came From the Grave Yard

Now let me tell ya’ll a story ‘bout some scary things that go bump in the night. This tale in particular is involve’n a dead blood hungry man that attacked a young lady when she’s a sleep in’. But now don’t you go ‘en take this story to bed with ya.

Now little Mary lived with her two brothers in a little old country house a few miles from the town grave yard where dead folk were buried, rest their souls. Everything was peaceful till a nice summer night. Little Mary was sleeping with her window open to cool the room. ‘Bout midnight she awoke to find a pair of bright green eyes lookin’ in from her window on the second floor of the house. She jumped up to run out the door to fetch her brothers, but de evil little critter blocked her way tossing her to the bed. Now Mary, she was so scared that she couldn’t even scream.

The monster’s frame was of a man so thin and pale it would a done frighten a ghost. It grabbed her, and bit her right in the neck. Finally Mary let out a screech fur help and then made the critter high tail it out of there. Mary’s brothers burst into de room t’ find Mary shaken and cry in’ like no tomorrow. They asked what happened and all that poor girl could do was to point at the window. One brother looked out and saw a sheet like figure run-in cross the field to the grave yard. They were done stumped by it and the marks on little Mary’s neck. Two circles where the monsters teeth had broken the skin.

In the morning a doctor came to look at her, say in’ she’d been attacked by a Vampire. So with that they packed on up and took a vacation cause cording to scientist, a Vampire don’t attack a person again if they went some place different, so it won’t come back if it finds no Mary. So they up and left fur ‘bout a month to give Mary some time to relax.

After ‘bout a month they came back to town. The brothers had come up wit’ a plan just in case that Vampire did come on back to git their sister. They done ‘en kep’ their shot guns right by their beds. By and by it were a while ‘en it didn’t come back.

Then it did…

It were just like before; Mary awoke to fine those bright green eyes lookin’ at her. As it walked- no floated into the room, little Mary let out a scream and faster then you could say “Huckleberry Finn” her brothers crashed into the room. The monster leap out de window ‘en took off a run ‘en. Both brothers were out the house running after it in seconds. They couldn’t catch it, so one of ‘em done shot it right in the leg just as it hopped over the fence to de grave yard.

That next morn ‘en all the town’s men took to the grave yard to find that evil critter. They searched and searched and by all mighty they found a site dat had been dug up resent. So they set to work getting the casket out from under the dirt. It took a long while but by and by they got it open to find that the body was not as decompose in’ as it should be after being dead a year. ‘En when a lookin’ at its leg, one could see that it had been broken by a bullet in the same spot were Mary’s brother had shot the monster the night before, prove in’ dat it was the Vampire.

The town’s men took the body and burned it, taking its ashes to different parts of the town and sprinkling them into the river. After that no monsters attacked little Mary or the town again.

But fur you who live near dem’ grave yards don’t you be leavin your windows open too wide for the dead may become mighty hungry!

The End!   


Published by Kaela P. Breezee

I am a fictions writer by heart. Originally from Minnesota, I am currently traveling with my family, taking inspiration from the places we travel while building up my author platform. I write young adult, fiction, and short stories. My first novel is still a work in progress.

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