Evil Vampire Muffins!



Listen children and listen well! I shall tell you a story about Vampire Muffins. They are evil little things that will drink your pudding if not given what they need to make their army of muffin people to take over the world! It starts with Bob the muffin master calling a meeting of The Muffin Cult of Nasty Not Niceness.

“My muffin brothers!” He began, “The world of the humans’ plans to eat us all and kill our children they must be stopped at all cost!” The cult cheered and then he continued his speech. “We The Muffin Cult of Nasty Not Niceness must stop them tonight! We shall move in on their headquarters of evil! If we take down their leader we will rule them all!”

So that night the cult of muffins headed to the human headquarters in which they called the Whitehouse! The evil muffins bust through the doors of the oval office and began to rip it apart when the leader of the humans walked in and was quickly captured by Bob! They tied him to a chair ordering control of all the humans!

“I shall not give you control!” The human leader vowed. “And there is nothing you muffin things can do about it!”

Bob laughed an evil muffin laugh and said, “Ha! You do not know what power we have you human!” Then Bob called forth The Muffin Cult of Nasty Not Niceness and as they surrounded the human leader their evil little eyes turned lime green and they grew long fangs that could cut through even the toughest of pudding skins. Bob saw the terrified look on the human leaders face. “You see now that we should be given what we want or else!”

“Or else what?” The leader stuttered.

“We shall drink your pudding until there is nothing left!” Bob let out another evil muffin laugh!

“No not my pudding!” He screamed.

“Yes all of your pudding! Unless you give us control of all the humans!”

“No I cannot!”

“Then say good-bye to your pudding!” Then the cult found the secret stash of pudding that the leader hides under his desk and began to murder the pudding cups! Drinking the pudding until there wasn’t even a drop left! The human leader cried and screamed.

“Alright! You win!” He yelled before the last pudding cup was murdered. “Just stop killing my pudding!” He begged.

Bob smiled at that pathetic defeated human, “Ha Ha! Another victory for The Muffin Cult of Nasty Not Niceness!!” The cult cheered and the human leader signed over all control rights to Bob. Then the cult left for home to celebrate with the rest of the muffin people!

And so now you see children why you should never deny the order of The Muffin Cult of Nasty Not Niceness for they will drink your pudding and kill the cups!






Published by Kaela P. Breezee

I am a fictions writer by heart. Originally from Minnesota, I am currently traveling with my family, taking inspiration from the places we travel while building up my author platform. I write young adult, fiction, and short stories. My first novel is still a work in progress.

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