In response to Bill O’Reilly letter “Loud, immature motorcyclists give other riders a black eye.” March 25, 2012

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I am the daughter of two biker parents and I have to say that this letter is a joke. “Loud pipes save lives” is truth. How else are the drivers of the bigger vehicles that have more protection around them supposed to know that the motorcyclist is there? People do NOT pay attention to whom and what is around them. They don’t look when they change lanes, or make sudden stops. They will just drive across three lanes of traffic without looking over their shoulder to make sure there is no one there behind them. The “over aged middle-school boys” as you called them have to make their presents known so they don’t get taken out by an ignorant driver who was too busy texting or reading to actually pay attention to where they were going. I have heard way too many stories on the news about a motorcyclist being killed in an accident because a car crossed in to their lane, or the driver wasn’t paying attention to the road.

Helmets, as safe as they are created and designed, do NOT always save lives. For example a close friend of ours T-boned a car because the driver of the car pulled out in front of him. If our friend was wearing a helmet that horrible day, it would have caused him to break his neck, killing him. How’s that for ensuring their safety?

The noise from the pipes make drivers look up to see who is there. Respect the motorcyclists out there and help save lives.

Published by Kaela P. Breezee

I am a fictions writer by heart. Originally from Minnesota, I am currently traveling with my family, taking inspiration from the places we travel while building up my author platform. I write young adult, fiction, and short stories. My first novel is still a work in progress.

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