Pat Strikes Back

  “Wait…who the hell fed you when I was in a coma?” Pat was in the midst of recording his new video when a hard knock came at his door. “God damnit,” he growled, his Chicago accent coming through. Pat set down his camera, his green eyes narrowed in irritation. It had taken him allContinue reading “Pat Strikes Back”

Relocation isn’t like the movies.

I’ve always wondered how people can just up and leave their home for a new life. In the movies the traveling character just packs his bags, hops in his car and just drives away leaving behind everything to start fresh somewhere else. Maybe a house in the beach, or a small town in the middleContinue reading “Relocation isn’t like the movies.”

False Diagnosis

“I’m not crazy.”             The good doctor peered over her Gucci frames, pursing her Botox lips. We’ve been at this game for over an hour. She asked the questions and like a good little patient I answered them. “No one said you were,” she retorted tapping her fountain pen on the legal pad in herContinue reading “False Diagnosis”

It Came From the Grave Yard

Now let me tell ya’ll a story ‘bout some scary things that go bump in the night. This tale in particular is involve’n a dead blood hungry man that attacked a young lady when she’s a sleep in’. But now don’t you go ‘en take this story to bed with ya. Now little Mary livedContinue reading “It Came From the Grave Yard”

In response to Bill O’Reilly letter “Loud, immature motorcyclists give other riders a black eye.” March 25, 2012

You can check out his letter at- I am the daughter of two biker parents and I have to say that this letter is a joke. “Loud pipes save lives” is truth. How else are the drivers of the bigger vehicles that have more protection around them supposed to know that the motorcyclist isContinue reading “In response to Bill O’Reilly letter “Loud, immature motorcyclists give other riders a black eye.” March 25, 2012″

Evil Vampire Muffins!

THE EVIL VAMPIRE MUFFINS!! BY: KAELA BREEZEE Listen children and listen well! I shall tell you a story about Vampire Muffins. They are evil little things that will drink your pudding if not given what they need to make their army of muffin people to take over the world! It starts with Bob the muffin masterContinue reading “Evil Vampire Muffins!”