Relocation isn’t like the movies.

I’ve always wondered how people can just up and leave their home for a new life. In the movies the traveling character just packs his bags, hops in his car and just drives away leaving behind everything to start fresh somewhere else. Maybe a house in the beach, or a small town in the middle of nowhere. Could it really be that easy?

The answer- It’s not.

Yeah I know, reality sucks. It takes a lot of time, money, stress, and tears to pick up and move to a new state. At least it is for my family.

My dad has worked for the same company for over 20 years and had the chance to transfer to a new location. But the problem is that we only had a month to make that happen. Our deadline is coming up to move (to Bozeman Montana) and we have been having almost nothing but problems. Our luck has a roller-coaster affect; we hit a low then a high will come along. But today was center of the earth low.

My dad and fiancé were to leave this afternoon. They are going out to start work while my mom, sister, and I stay back to finish packing the house that is now up for sale. We had bought a motorhome a few days before and it seemed to run just fine until my dad tried to start it the next day. With the help of my great uncle he figured out the problem and fixed it. He continued to work on the motorhome and got it into pretty good shape. He hooked up his motorcycle trailer that he made from scratch along with his bike with only a few small issues and had to test out how it handled before they took off for the trip. So he, my mom, sister, and fiancé (all in different cars) headed up to the gas station to fill up and test the trailer. Everything was fine until they reached the station and the damn motorhome started on fire.


On fire.

At the gas station.

Thankfully it was easily contained and no one was hurt, but the damn thing wouldn’t start after that. This drove my dad to his breaking point. He had been working his ass off for the past two weeks, packing, building a motorcycle trailer, helping his in-laws when the pestered him, and getting ready to spend a month living in a motorhome at a campground. Now my dad is the strongest man I know and works harder than anyone to take care of his family. He supports us and does everything he can to make mine and my sister’s lives better than what he had when he was a kid. But a guy can only handle so much. This whole attempt at relocating to a new state and a new work has been fighting him almost the whole way. When we finally thought it was going well, it blows up on the day they are supposed to leave. Now mind you he is already scheduled to start at his new work in three days, and this happens to him.

We managed to get the motorhome back home so he could properly work on it and have everything he needs to fix it and hopefully leave later in the day. But that didn’t happen.

Just to add lemon juice, salt, rusty razors, and insult to injury my mom and sister get in to a car accident when going to get parts for the motorhome. They weren’t hurt but the car is out of commission. The driver of the other vehicle was rude and blamed my mother for the accident even though she was not at fault and the officer was nice even to give my mom a failure to yield ticket. Aren’t cops the best?

We had the car towed home and thankfully its repairable. After taking some calming breaths we called in reinforcements to help with the motorhome. That is our mine priority since we needed to get my dad out to Montana for work. A long time friend of the family came up to give my dad out. He is good with cars and doesn’t give up until he knows what the problem is and figures out how to fix it. We also called my great uncle and aunt and they came to give comfort and give some suggestions.

My dad and his friend made a little progress on the motorhome but had to call it a night and will pick it up in the daylight. I feel so bad for my dad, I’ve never seen him this stressed. We can’t just say fuck it with this. it’s too late for that since the transfer is already done and our house is for sale. We have been figuring out alternative if we can’t get the motorhome up and running for a two day drive to Montana. They aren’t the best ones, but they are better than nothing.

I keep thinking this horrible luck will never end and I’m afraid of what will happen when we actually get out there. If things got worse…god only knows what will happen to my family.

Tempers are short and everyone is tired of this bad luck streak. We are trying to keep a positive out look though to stay sane through this process. If anyone knows anything about 1981 Ford Honey Motorhome electrical systems speak up. It would be appreciated!

Published by Kaela P. Breezee

I am a fictions writer by heart. Originally from Minnesota, I am currently traveling with my family, taking inspiration from the places we travel while building up my author platform. I write young adult, fiction, and short stories. My first novel is still a work in progress.

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